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Martial Arts Instruction in Saco, Maine

Here at the LifeSkills Learning Center, we provide martial arts instruction as a means of teaching your children about discipline, physical fitness, and much more. We are based in Saco, Maine.
Martial Arts Instruction Overview
The most unique branch of our child education services is our Tae Kwon Do instruction for children and teens. The LifeSkills School of Tae Kwon Do offers age-specific classes that are geared towards addressing the interests and abilities of each age group.
Our Teachings
We focus on enhancing self-esteem and self-confidence by practicing the art of Tae Kwon Do, and teaching the true philosophical meaning of martial arts. We demonstrate how the lessons of Tae Kwon Do apply to everyday life in peaceful and constructive ways. We strive to instill in our students the mental capacity and emotional evenness to deal with conflict in a logical and ethical manner.
Our Teachers
We use a curriculum authored by a world-renowned pioneer in conflict resolution and character development, Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle, to equip our students with various verbal and mental tools that balance out the formidable physical tools of self-defense. Using positive reinforcement, behavior modeling, and role play, we foster respect, self-control, integrity, and perseverance in our students.
Self-Defense Comes Second
While self-defense is certainly a practical benefit of Tae Kwon Do training, we see this skill as a secondary byproduct. A more profound benefit of this training comes from within, as confidence is gained and character is enhanced. Since this art is comprehensive in scope, active manifestation of its tenets, effort, courtesy, respect, self-control, humility, and integrity, are required for success and progress.
The Power Within
The self-confidence gained through practicing the art help the students to think their way through confrontations instead of reacting to their fight-or-flight instincts unnecessarily. Role-playing in class gives students many models and tools to employ to verbally diffuse potential confrontations, and to develop a sense of respectful inter-relation.
The Curriculum
Using Dr. Webster-Doyle's Defeat the Bully Without Fighting program, we clearly communicate what is required in order to progress through the belt system. These requirements nurture planning, discipline, goal setting, and strategy development skills. Our safe approach enhances the learning process, and we stress students' attitudes, as well as their execution of the physical requirements.
Class Schedule and Rates
Children's Tae Kwon Do (ages 4-11)

Monday & Wednesday 6:15-7:00 PM
Adult Tae Kwon Do (ages 12+)

Monday & Wednesday 7:00-8:00 PM
**All classes are $70 per month